American Politicians Who Support Marijuana Legalization

The situation with marijuana legalization in the USA is quite loyal. This country doesn't share the opinion of other countries that prohibit the use of this plant even for medical purposes and strictly punish citizens who grow it. Some states in the USA legalized it for therapeutic purposes only, whereas others allow people even to smoke it. But in those states where cannabis is prohibited, the various its derivatives are popular. We mean CBD products. If you haven't used or haven't heard about them before, read HempLucid reviews to find out more about the producer and its goods.

Marianne Williamson

This woman is known mainly for her writing activity, but in 2014 she was run as an independent to the U.S. House of Representatives. In 2019, she announced her own presidential campaign, but in 2020 she decided to end her run and decided to support one of the democratic nominees. Williamson expressed a positive attitude to marijuana legalization. Moreover, she mentioned the possibility of amnesty for all people, sentenced for storing and disseminating of this plant.

Cory Booker

He is a former U.S. senator, representing the Democratic party. Cory Booker advocated for the complete decriminalization of marijuana in those states that haven't done it still. He also wants to help the victims of this ban. People should take advantage of using it. If you aren't aware of the advantages of cannabis and its derivatives, here is Elixinol review to get acquainted with one of the products.

Barack Obama

The attitude of this person to cannabis is mainly positive. Moreover, during his presidential term, the laws permitting the use of marijuana were initiated. Barack Obama states that people should perceive marijuana as the plant that promotes public health. People freely consume CBD products, such as chews and oil from Fabcbd, because they help to get rid of diseases and relieve pain. Why not smoke cannabis for the same purposes?

Michael Bennet

He served U.S. senator from Colorado since 2009 and announced his presidential campaign in 2020. Cory Booker introduced the bill that aimed to stop federal prohibition of marijuana, and Michael Bennet, together with other candidates, co-sponsored it. This bill was first introduced several years ago, but it failed. Now candidates hope to succeed, at least by common efforts.

Jeff Merkley

Merkley has been serving as U.S. Senator from Oregon since 2009. He does everything to fight with marijuana prohibition laws, introduced various reforms to legalize it, and joins the bills introduced by his colleagues. Senator Merkeley considers that doctors should be able to recommend patients to use medical marijuana when it's necessary.

Elizabeth Warren

This politician is U.S. Senator from Massachusets who aimed to participate in the 2020 presidential elections but decided to end her campaign. She said that she wanted to reduce funding to states, prohibiting the use of marijuana, and make them legalize it in such a way. Warren expressed a lot of ideas as to the ways of legalizing cannabis, and these ideas got many supporters.
If you still hesitate about marijuana legalization, read to find out what benefits its derivative gives to the human organism, and you won't hesitate anymore.