" The more you have, the more you can give."
-Donald Trump (Quote from his bestselling book: Think like a Billionaire
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    "...let's declare victory and leave."

    A Message from...
    New York State Chairman Frank MacKay

    This website is a collaborative effort by TRUMP supporters throughout the nation.
    I encourage and welcome comments, suggestions, pictures and research. Please continue to send your
    information and we will post it at the earliest opportunity.  Thanks to everyone who is pitching in!

    America needs a decisive CEO-Style President to straighten out Washington – not another politician. We need a
    candidate who can awaken the electorate in 2008 with a serious non- partisan political agenda.

    Let’s face it, in the wake of catastrophic scenes like New Orleans in the days, weeks and months following
    hurricane Katrina, we could trust that Donald Trump could get the job done right. Could you imagine Trump
    tolerating the inefficiencies that caused five hundred million dollars worth of mobile homes destined for hurricane
    victims to rot in parking lots in Hope, Arkansas? Someone needs to shout You're Fired!

    With Trump at the helm, New Orleans could be a world class destination by now, handled with all the efficiency of
    a master developer and American entrepreneur.

    This country needs a truly qualified leader with a complex understanding of public policy and the administrative
    skills to run a massive bureaucratic structure that is larger than any of the largest corporations in the world.

    Wake Up America!  We are a nation embroiled in a serious war, we have muddled through numerous disasters
    with dismal outcomes and despite a wake up call by Ross Perot in 1992, Americans are further in debt than we
    were a decade ago.  America is ready for a new prototype of a politician, and non-major party political operatives
    finally have an ideal combination of factors that make it possible to actually win in 2008. With the right candidate,
    such as Donald Trump, we can make it happen.